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Why should I visit Detroit? Is Detroit a destination ? Do people go on vacation in Detroit ? The answer is : YES ! Though it is true, if you don’t know the area, it can be difficult to know where to go. Indeed, Detroit is rebuilding itself, so the city might not have all the touristic attractions you are used to. But if you take the time to read this website, you’ll discover a world of treasures hidden in and around the city.

First of all, Detroit is not only a city center, it is also a region -Metro Detroit, with 3.5 million inhabitants. What makes it special nature-wise is thousands of lakes and forests, spread across the region. There is no shortage of activities for those who like outdoor adventures. Jet skiing, hiking, wreck diving, kayaking, fishing… You name it ! Metro Detroit has it all.

You also won’t be disappointed at Detroit’s rich history and culture. It is Motown after all! Music, cars and a deep love for the arts, are what makes Detroit one of a kind. Detroit is home to some of the most magnificent buildings ever made in the U.S, designed by the best architects with an infinite amount of money. What’s even more impressive is that those buildings are literally surrounded by incredible street arts, that better represent what Detroit is today. Added to that, the D.I.A offers an incredible collection of masterpieces for those who’d rather be surrounded by classical art masterpieces.

History-wise you cannot go to Detroit without visiting the Henry Ford museum. I like to qualify it as the historical Disneyland for car lovers. The museum takes its visitors through two centuries of industrial and technological revolution. You will discover how people used to live, how power used to be made and how cars and trains used to be at their very beginning.

Culture-wise, it is impossible not to mention the Motown museum. If you want to see where legends were born, it’s the place to go. Any respectable music lover or artist should visit this museum. Make also sure to check what artist are in town when you come. The fox theatre is one of the finest stages I’ve ever seen. Plus, they are plenty of jazz bars and live music happening every weekend so don’t miss out!

Finally, whatever sports you are into, you’ll get to watch it in Detroit. Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings… all have their own stadium. It’s always a great party!

Want more things to do ? How about you check the rest of this website. You’ll find many other tips and ideas to make the best out of your stay.



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