sans-titre-2Detroit is back on the map !

When I moved to Detroit, I couldn’t find any website to help me discover the region. There is so many information about Detroit on the web, and none of it is really made for visitors. Whether you are a newcomer or a tourist, Rocking the D! is here to help people who come to Detroit to make the most out of their stay. What to do? where to go? what to visit? You’ll find all you need in here !

Detroit is way more than just a city that went bankrupt. Detroit is not a city of gangs, abandoned houses, and poor people on the street. Detroit is a vibrant city, full of arts and fun activities. It lies in a beautiful region that offers rivers, lakes, and forests. It has an amazing history, great architecture, and is the heart of the American way of life. If you believe in the American Dream, you will love Detroit and its people.

People’s perception of Detroit has to change, and I believe that blogs and social media can help change the perception of the city. That’s why I write. We have to show the world what Detroit can do ! I really hope you’ll enjoy this little guide to the city and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question!

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