Downtown Detroit for Beginners

Today I got to show my city to a newcomer. My friend just moved from Europe to Windsor. He crossed the bridge for the first time today and asked for some sightseeing tips.

Detroit isn’t like New York or Boston where you can just wander around and be amazed by the scenery. In Detroit, visitors need some directions to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of downtown.

Here is how I like to show Detroit by day. 

1- Park at the Z. On top of course, not on the first floor. And take as much pics as possible.

2- Go to the Z back alley to watch more street art. 

3- Walk to comerica park and enjoy a game

4-Walk down Woodward to campus Martius and find out what’s going on at the Fillmore or the fox, you might wanna get tickets. 

5- From Campus Martius, walk to the Guardian Building and get in to admire this awesome piece of art. Drop by the souvenir boutique.

6- Then, walk to the river side and have a look at the spirit of Detroit as well at the fist sculpture on your way.

8- Admire the river front and walk up to the renaissance center where you can get a coffee and rest your legs from so much walking.

9- From the renaissance center, get to the people mover and enjoy a ride in the air. Get out as close as possible to the the Z parking lot. 

If you feel like driving around and expand your visit to Metro-Detroit, here is how the rest of the tour goes :

10- Take you car and hop on Woodward. Follow Woodward until Birmingham (30 minutes). You are in for an incredible ride through the history of Detroit. Observe where the Ford T assembly line was born, enjoy magnificent architecture in the Boston Edison district, have a look at the beautiful library and the DIA,  be impressed by the numbers of new and abandoned churches, get uneasy when going through rough areas, and  finally stop for ice-cream at the corner of Woodward and 14 miles.

That’s it for your first time. Please note that with this, you might have enjoyed 5% of what the city has to offer, but everyone has to start somewhere 🙂 


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