Romantic night out in Metro Detroit – Plymouth edition

Plymouth has a beautiful downtown which makes the city an excellent choice for a romantic evening. Park your car at the free public parking in the city center and enjoy walking around this charming neighborhood. There are plenty of possibilities to make the evening romantic, but here are some ideas for a successful romantic  evening. 

Phase 1 – Create a beautiful art work with your partner. You can either take a painting class at Painting Escapes or create your own pottery at Creatopia Pottery.

Phase 2 – Sea food dinner (that is affordable but still fancy) at The Sardine Room. Suck on oysters, sip on champaign and savor shrimps and lobster…

Phase 3 – If the oysters weren’t a good enough aphrodisiac, then stop by the Alpine Chocolate haus for a delicious desert (chocolate strawberries are yummy ! )

Phase 4 – Need some help to close the deal? Then head to the beautiful Irish pub Sean O’Callaghan’s public house, where you can sit in a wooden booth and order one of their specialty cocktail.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Detroit !


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