A rainy day in Detroit – Things to do

What to do during a rainy day in Detroit ? Well. there are many different opportunities depending on your interests.

Shopping and pampering : while shopping isn’t exactly Detroit’s strong suits, do not underestimate the region’s potential for good deals! Great Lakes in Auburn Hills is a gigantic outlet mall with all your favorite brands at a discount price ! If you’d rather be in a more upscale mall, you should try the very famous Somerset collection : Burberry, Gucci, Prada and all the famous designers have their brands represented in the mall (check out my favorite malls here ). After all that energy spent shopping you might want to relax and the MGM grand Detroit has just what you are looking for: Pools, jacuzzi, and all the spa amenities you could wish for! A must try for sure.

Museums adapted to kids: Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor, the Ford Museum in Dearborn and the D.I.A in downtown Detroit. These museums have exhibits and activities just for the kids so don’t miss out on a day of fun !

And if you want to discover Detroit, then you might be interested in these indoors activity posts I’ve written in the past. They include Detroit most amazing buildings, a shooting range, and so much more.

Enjoy Detroit !


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