The Henry Ford Museum

Welcome to Detroit’s must see/do attraction. Get ready to dive into 3 centuries of history. Discover the first trains that were used to build the United States, the first tractors that settlers used to farm, the first cars that rode the streets. Become part of the Ford adventure !

Though this sounded a lot like a bad commercial, this is actually accurate. The Henry Ford Museum is an incredible place where history, culture, and technology meet. The museum is divided into 4 different activities :

  • Henry Ford Museum
  • Greenfield Village
  • Ford Rouge factory tour
  • Giant Screen Experience

You might not be able to visit all in a day. So make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Tip : Present your Bank of America® or Merrill Lynch® credit or debit card and a picture ID on the first full weekend of every month for one free general admission.img_4224


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Schultz says:

    I’ve been visiting there for a long time. It really is a fascinating place.

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  2. michigan says:

    Yes I really love it too! It’s just a shame that it is only in English. This museum should be translated at least to Spanish, French and German

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