Visit Birmingham

The little city of Birmingham is located in Oakland Couty, 30 minutes northwest of downtown Detroit. This little midwest town is the perfect pendant to Detroit’s high rises and boulevards. Detroiters visit Birmingham on the weekend to enjoy this affluent, walkable community and to be seen.

Covered parking lots are free for the first two hours, so you can just drop your car in one of them and enjoy a coffee in one of the many restaurants’ terraces while watching Ferraris and Lamborghinis drive by, or simply admire arts and fountains in parks. You might also choose to have a drink in a bar, shop in picturesque boutiques or visit the Sunday’s farmers market.

The city also harbors  the beautiful Quarton lake and the Riviere rouge walking trail. Venture in alleys bordered with beautiful old trees in the direction of Cranbrook to witness mansions and manors bigger than the ones you can find in Hollywood. Discover where people that own billion dollar companies live.

Don’t forget to drop by the 5 stars Townsend hotel to get autographs. This is where celebrities that come into town stay. As Detroit rises as one of the U.S. best location for shooting movies, it’s not uncommon to meet some of the biggest stars walking the streets of Birmingham.

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