Eastern Market – Detroit Farmers’ Market

Every trip to Detroit should include a visit to the Eastern Market. Located in the warehouse district, the market has its own one of a kind atmosphere. Amazing street art covers the walls of warehouses around the main shed. I love to buy a  freshly brewed coffee and a pastry from one of the market vendors and simply walk around. There is so much to look at and enjoy : flowers fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade delicacies…If you are at the market around lunch time, try one of the food trucks or restaurants, but be ready to wait a while because all Detroit wants to eat there.

I never leave without checking my favorite store, the Eastern Market Antiques. It is such a fun place where you can just relieve the U.S. history. Vintage clothes, old records, mid-century furniture are just an example of all the cool thing you can find in that shop.

I also really enjoy the Devries & Co 1887. This import house takes you on a tour around the world. You’ll find delicatessen from Europe, special teas from Asia and so much more.

Late birds will find many food trucks and restaurants for a delicious lunch.

For more info, check the eastern market website : http://www.easternmarket.com/

Oh and by the way the Detroit Experience Factory offers walking tours around the Market. Go ahead and check their website :  http://detroitexperiencefactory.org/tours/

Enjoy !

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